November 18, 2021 | BBHST Admin
Real estate investors don’t always just find properties nearby in local areas. They keep their options open to maximize the potential of finding a great deal. If you consider long distance investing, you create plenty of opportunities to find prime r

November 4, 2021 | BBHST Admin
We have all sorts of choices and paths to take on the complicated process of searching for a home. On your search, one of the first choices you have to make is deciding whether to buy or rent.

November 19, 2020 | BBHST Admin
Real Estate has created more wealth in America than any other asset. In fact, 90 percent of millionaires in the United States invest in real estate.

November 17, 2020 | BBHST Admin
Couples across the United States debate this topic all the time. An argument can be made that this is a sound decision because kitchens are known to increase a home’s value most. Plus interest rates are lower than ever.

November 6, 2020 | BBHST Admin
Sadly, most of America isn’t good at saving money. On average, single people under the age of 34 have about $2,729 in savings.


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