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Title insurance is one of those concepts that can feel absolutely baffling for a homeowner. Like most other kinds of insurance, it is something that you really don’t understand until you truly need it. For this reason, most homeowners don’t really know what it is, even if they have it. This important insurance type can be a big help when it comes down to it, which is why we wanted to explain title insurance and what it can offer. Let’s explore this helpful necessity for homeownership.

Title Insurance
So, what is title insurance? Title insurance is a kind of insurance that was made specifically for issues that might arise with the actual title and ownership of a property. Any time that you buy a home or property, you will be taking over the title from someone else. When you own a property, that title will be fully yours. So, where does the insurance come in?

The truth is that homeownership and the purchasing of property come with quite a bit of paperwork. This paperwork can stack up, and it can also be handled incorrectly. Sometimes as a title is passed along, certain issues regarding the title and the property will arise. They can be minor, or they might be very large.

In the end, these issues will need to be corrected. This is where title insurance comes in. It will allow you to remain protected as the solution is found. With title insurance, you can ensure that you are not personally responsible for any problems that come with the chain of title. 

Understanding Title Insurance
One of the more common and understandable perks of title insurance is anything that is involved with real estate taxes. Along the way, it is easy for real estate taxes to be improperly calculated, which is a problem that will need to be fixed. Of course, an issue will arise if the house is now yours.

Pretend that you move into a home and you receive a notice that there are unpaid real estate taxes from previous years. Should you alone be responsible for this? Of course not. Even though you are the property owner, you were not when the property’s taxes were improperly paid. This is where title insurance comes in.

Title insurance will guarantee that you are completely protected when these kinds of problems arise. It means you won’t have to worry when the government tries to claim those taxes, and there are plenty of other situations where this will arise. Your title insurance can help keep you protected and spared from unpleasant expenses that would otherwise fall entirely on you.

Is Title Insurance Necessary?
Asking if you need a title insurance policy is comparable to asking if you need an insurance policy for anything else. You don’t need it until you absolutely do, but it is absolutely a necessity and should be considered one. 

Title insurance is required in some instances, and it is necessary for your own personal protection. When something goes wrong with the title, like the unpaid taxes we discussed earlier, title insurance is a game-changer. Not only will the insurance help you to ensure that you are covered, but it can be used for legal expenses as well. Being aware of this can often make sense of the value for most people.

In the event that someone causes problems with taxes or your home’s legal description, there is often a lot of legal work involved. At this point, lawyers can become necessary—and a few other folks in the legal world too. It can take a lot of time, but more importantly, it can cost a lot of money. 

Investing in title insurance allows you peace of mind. You will know that as these expenses accrue, you will be completely safe. The title insurance will cover your legal expenses and ensure that everything goes according to plan. It is a great way to save money in an already unpleasant circumstance. 

Legal battles have been known to bankrupt a lot of people, even those that are incredibly wealthy. Your title insurance can offer you protection and security during a challenging time, making it a highly desirable investment to make.

What is the Owner’s Title Insurance and How Does it Work?
In the world of title insurance, there are two common kinds. The first kind if called owner’s title insurance and the second is called lender’s title insurance. Let’s explore owner’s title insurance and what it can offer you.

Owner’s title insurance was made specifically to protect your best interests. It can be used to protect you specifically at all costs, even if you just bought the home. However, it is important to understand that this form of insurance is also not unlimited.

In the majority of cases, title insurance is specific to the amount of the home. Your policy will cover the entire amount that you have paid for a home, which is very important. This ensures that when something goes wrong, your home is completely covered.

A home is an investment. When you own a home, you will want to protect that investment at all costs. The last thing anyone wants is to end up in court over a mistake that someone else made ten years ago. Title insurance is your way of guaranteeing that you have access to good resources and money for those resources to get the problem resolved. 

Final Thoughts
An owner’s title insurance policy, like every other kind of insurance, is a little annoying until you need it. No one wants to spend all that extra money, but there is a reason that you do it. It is an investment that is there to protect your interests at all costs. When it comes down to it, title insurance can help you to keep your home in the event that someone challenges your ownership. Think of title insurance like an annual trip to the doctor. When you need it, you’ll be glad you have it. If you’re not sure about it, you can always ask your real estate agent.



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