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By Kyle Spearin

Buying a new home can be an exciting time for anyone. It offers you a chance to claim a new space and make it your own—and this usually involves shopping. Unfortunately, a lot of first-time homeowners also make quite a few mistakes when they start shopping for the new place. To help guide your decisions, we decided to make this list of shopping tips for new homeowners.

What New Homeowners Should Buy

Knowing the right items to buy can be a bit tricky, but there are a few areas where you can never go wrong. Instead of spending on luxury items, it is important to start with the basics. These are items that every new homeowner can benefit from when it comes investing in their new place!

Maintenance Equipment

A lot of major tips for new homeowners revolve around maintenance. As a new homeowner, maintenance is now your responsibility. This means that having maintenance equipment on hand is crucial. You don’t want to wait until something goes wrong to head out to the store. Be prepared with the right supplies. 

Cleaning Products

New homes always require a ton of cleaning, even if the home looks clean. Not only is it just a general good practice to clean a home as you move in, it is also probably your fault that it is dirty. New homes require moving—and moving can make quite a mess. You will find that dirt and dust will be tracked at any time that you move in somewhere, so make sure you have essential cleaning products!


Every homeowner should have a toolbox in case of an emergency. In truth, toolboxes are also just a convenient must-have. The reality is that you will never know when you need one, so having a toolbox with basic tools can come in very handy. Whether it is hanging up photos or patching up a wall that got hurt during the move, a toolbox can be a complete lifesaver.

Fire Extinguisher

Every home is required to have a fire extinguisher—and you never know when you will need one. The reality is that home fires, while rare, do happen. Having a fire extinguisher can save lives and limit damage to personal property. If there is a fire for any reason in your home, you want to be able to manage it with ease. This is an item you should have from day one.

New Locks and Keys

Any time that you move into a home, the fact is that someone else has the key. It might be a previous homeowner or someone who works for a real estate company. Regardless, it puts you and your personal belongings at risk. There is simply no way of knowing who might have the key to your house, so always change the locks immediately. It can save you from people who would harm you or your property.

Extension Cords

Extension cords are something that you never think of until you need them—and a lot of us find this moment when we move. Your new home will always have different outlets, which might mean a need for extension cords. Having these when you move in can save quite a few headaches.


Every homeowner must have a ladder on their property. This is not something that you can conveniently purchase when you need it. Ladders are useful for cleaning out gutters, getting balls off the roof, and for repairs as well.

What New Homeowners Shouldn’t Buy

The best tips for new homeowners are the ones that remind them to be smart about their purchases. Though these items might tempt you, we hope that you will do right by yourself and save your money on it for now.

More Furniture

A tell-tale sign of a first-time homeowner is the urge to buy a bunch of new furniture. Not only does this get incredibly expensive, but it is also a way to make bad design choices. It is okay to be excited to buy new furniture for a new home, especially if you are moving into more space. Still, it really does pay to get acquainted with a space and then make your purchases. You will have a more comfortable view when you actually live there.

Too Many Decorations

Decorations are another design choice that is best made after time spent in the space. Too often new homeowners have a vision of what they want and overlook the reality of the space. Make your move easier by simply waiting to decorate. A few decorations here and there won’t hurt, but you don’t need to make the place perfect on the first day. You will spend so much time unpacking that you won’t have time to decorate—or it will slow you down!

Unnecessary Appliances

Appliances are always so appealing to new homeowners. In a lot of cases, they view appliances as a way to make a space more permanent. While appliances can be fun, they aren’t always practical. Avoid being the person who spends a lot of money on an appliance that they will never use. It is always better to simply spend your time in the home and then see what needs naturally arise. This can help you to make a more informed decision that will yield better results and save you money too!

Window Treatments

Window treatments are unnecessary in a lot of cases and there might be better solutions. Before you jump into finding ways to get the most out of your windows, wait to see how they work out. Are there areas where cold is sneaking in? Do you have a blindingly bright spot that is influenced by the sun? Spend time experiencing the home before you start making any changes to it. This will help to guide your decisions. You might just find that you don’t need a window treatment after all!



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