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By: Kyle Spearin

It isn’t a secret that crowdfunding is all the rage in these modern times—but did you know that this influences the real estate world too? Crowdfunding is not limited to industry, and real estate investors around the world are learning how to use this for their benefit. Realistically, anyone can do this whether you are new to the real estate space or you have been around for a while. In this article, we will discuss how to make this investment work for you. 

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

Real estate crowdfunding is exactly what it sounds like. Investors use crowdfunding to raise money for a certain property. Rather than focusing on one single investor, crowdfunding enables you to work with multiple. With this financing technique, you can raise the money that you need to purchase that one perfect piece of property and start making money. Using this approach, you can easily access a property in a more manageable way, which can often help you to get results faster. 

Benefits of Real Estate Crowdfunding

With real estate crowdfunding, you gain access to some pretty great investment opportunities. In order to understand why so many people are choosing this path, we wanted to help you to learn a little bit more about what it can offer. In general, people have a great experience—and more investors are getting interested every single day!

You Can Secure an Investment Easily

Since this form of investing is becoming more normalized, there is a growing interest in it. With the right tools, you can connect with a collection of investors that will increase your chances of finding good ones. It makes it easier to find a lot of interested investors instead of forcing you to find the perfect one. 


One of the biggest benefits of crowdfunding real estate investments is the potential for networking. You can easily gain access to a lot of interested investors. If your investments turn out well, they will be more interested in investing with you again, which can really help you to grow your business. 

It is Easier for Small Businesses

Not every business has access to a lot of funding to grow their business. With this approach, it is much easier to get buy-in from potential investors. Since you won’t be asking for a large portion of money, there can be less risk involved. In general, it is easier for investors to see a potential opportunity instead of a potential loss.

Low Interest Rates

An unexpected benefit of showing off your investment prowess is the fact that you can get lower interest rates. If people know that your investments generally perform, you will be considered less of a risk with time.

It is Easy to Get Started

With this approach, it is easy to get started with the right tools. Online platforms exist that allow you to easily reach investors and start making pitches. You can begin working on your new goal immediately.

Why You Should Consider Real Estate Crowdfunding

Just because there are benefits to this approach, that doesn’t mean that it is for everyone. To help with this, we have pulled together a list of reasons why you might be the right fit for this style of investment.

You Want to Get Started

A great reason to give this a try is if you want to try your hand at investing but aren’t sure where to start. Using the available platforms, you can jump right in and try your hand at it. It is a user-friendly way to experiment with investing. 

You Want to Network

Since the nature of this approach is that you have to communicate with investors, it is great for building connections. If you want to meet more investors and learn about more opportunities, this is one approach that can really help. You will be amazed by the different experts available in these communities!

You Want to Learn

Finding good investments as a new learner can be difficult because you won’t get a lot of practice. Since these investments require less from investors, it allows you to start learning and making good investments. You can build up a portfolio much more quickly here!

Learning isn’t just going to come from investing or seeking out new investment opportunities. It will also come from connecting you with other investors. Joining one of these investments can give you access to very talented investors that know exactly how to kickstart your investment career. There is a lot to learn about investing by simply doing it—and it helps to have a few pros by your side too!

You’re a People Person

As far as careers go, this can be a social one. If you love the constant change of hunting down potential investments and talking ideas over with investors, this will suit you. It is a great opportunity for extroverts.

You Want to Start Investing

You don’t need to run the show to benefit from this. You can also begin by actually being one of the investors who are offering funding. This will give you an understanding of how this works and can help you to start making money sooner rather than later. As far as investment types go, this is one that has the potential to work out in your favor—though nothing is a guarantee.

You Want to Share Ideas with Investors

People who enjoy a collaborative process and its benefits will enjoy this style of investing. It involves a lot more on-the-go communication. Instead of simply sending updates, you can work with a wide range of different investors to try out new ideas and get feedback. It is an excellent way to find the right investment and really think it through. Most people find that the more open nature of this investment style allows for certain innovations and much better communication at every step of the process.


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