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By Kyle Spearin

Whether you are looking to sell or buy a home, knowing what a home should have is important. Searching for a new home means finding the right combination of features, but sometimes it is hard to know what you really need. Choosing a house with the wrong features can cause you to feel bad about your investment later, which is why you need to seek out the right home attributes. In this post, we will discuss the must-have features that modern homeowners are seeking out so you can make an informed decision!

A Modern Garage

Garages are all the rage in this day and age—and the more modern, the better. Previously, garages were kind of overlooked. As long as there wasn’t any visible damage, homeowners really only cared about space, but the world of garages has changed. Modern homes have modern garages and these garages can really dress a home up.

Modern garages give you the ability to enjoy your garage as an actual extension of your home. A garage should be able to hold multiple cars, including an over-sized car. They should also offer additional space. Who doesn’t want a nice garage that has extra storage built-in and a pleasant workbench? It’s an obvious win for buyers.

Plenty of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can make or break the way that a home feels. In fact, most homeowners are actively seeking out homes that have great natural lighting. It brings a certain life to a home that a lack of windows just doesn’t—and it tends to help with interior design. A room with windows feels more open and welcoming, which is exactly what most people are looking for in a home.

Natural lighting can also be great for energy efficiency. Homeowners with homes that lack windows will often resort to lighting from other sources, which uses up more electricity. With natural lighting, your home will be energy-efficient during the day. Natural lighting also has many proven health benefits, making it easier for you to feel good when you are at home. This is even more relevant if you work from home!

With nice natural lighting, you will often find that your home just feels better. This is because we are created to appreciate natural lighting and find it aesthetically pleasing. Good natural lighting can make your house look much nicer—and it also works wonders for taking pictures too! Benefit from all of the big perks that come with natural lighting in your space. If you ever want it blocked out, you can always just close the blinds!

Energy Efficiency

In line with the perks of natural lighting, homeowners, in general, are looking for energy efficiency. Previously, energy efficiency was minimal in most cases. However, modern homes are absolutely fitted with energy-efficient solutions that can provide great opportunities for potential home buyers.

It is no secret that the electricity bill for a home can be fairly high. With energy-efficient options, these costs can be cut dramatically. Whether a home has solar panels, an energy-efficient water heater, or energy-efficient lights, homeowners can really benefit from this change.

Energy-efficient solutions might even make it possible for a homeowner to qualify for additional savings or tax breaks. These little changes can offer significant savings and lower overall monthly costs, which can save a lot of money over time. For homeowners that are looking to really keep their monthly spending low, these features are an absolute must-have.

A Finished Basement

A finished basement is one coveted home feature that homeowners are actively seeking out. With a finished basement, there is so much to gain for homeowners, but it can come at a higher price.

By obtaining a finished basement, homeowners can enjoy a truly wonderful extension of their home. Even though you might not need the extra space now, over time, you might just be surprised to find that you really wish you had it. As families grow or hobbies expand, having extra space can be helpful. It also makes it easy for you to have visitors come to stay with you as well, particularly if the finished basement has bedrooms and a bathroom.

While you might think that a finished basement is a nice-to-have, remember that finishing a basement costs a lot of time and money. Yes, you absolutely can finish it yourself, but do you really want to? The convenience of moving into a basement that is already finished really is fantastic. It can save you a lot of headache later, as well as time spent trying to get it finished.

The biggest convenience of a finished basement is that it is already handled. If you decide that you would like a finished basement later, you can rest assured that it will be some time before you actually get around to it. It takes time to find a good contractor and secure an appointment of this nature. During that time, you will be inviting strangers into your home and spending more money. It really is nice to have it already done.

Bathroom Renovations

Right now, bathrooms are hot in the real estate market. Everyone has been spending time on Pinterest and Instagram seeking out beautiful renovation opportunities. The result is a new generation of people who want to have a picture-perfect bathroom—and it is easy to see why!

People love nice bathrooms, particularly if there are some good upgrades with them. Look for nice lighting, plenty of mirror space, and built-in storage. All of these wonderful features can make your time spent getting ready in the morning a much better experience!

Final Thoughts

Depending on your preferences, you might be more drawn to certain features when you are shopping for a new home. Remember to look for modern and helpful features that will leave you feeling great about spending time in your brand new space. Before you head out to look at homes, it can also be helpful to make a list of home features that are important for you in order to ensure a good find!



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