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Welcome to the city of El Paso, Texas! You’ll be joining a vibrant community of nearly 700,000 people as you establish your move in the city. Even though it might be scary and intimidating to start your new life in a completely new area, you’ll no doubt have the time of your life as you explore all the attractions and amenities that El Paso has to offer. Whether you’re worried about making those first few friends or have no idea where to start, we’re here to help you feel a part of the community that enjoys nearly 302 days of year-round sun.
Without further ado, let’s get started on where you can find the best local activities to be involved in.

  • Volunteer
Volunteering is one of the best ways to start learning more about El Paso and the organizations that keep it alive and functioning. Plus, you’ll be able to make a ton of friends with people who care about the same initiatives as you and feel good about contributing your time to a cause that gives back. Here in El Paso, there are a variety of nonprofits that you can look into and volunteer with. Take a look at these resources to pave your way into the community-building activity of volunteering.

  • Check the city website
Almost every city operates a website that gives you basic information on everything you need to know to get acclimated and more. Not only can you learn about local activities and city events, but you can also familiarize yourself with city strategic plans and government initiatives. El Paso’s city website is a great place to get started on the ins and outs of what you should know and can help prepare you for conversation with your fellow community members. Be sure to pay special attention to the events calendar! It’ll provide a list of events happening each month that span a variety of categories such as entertainment, nature and outdoors, community, kids, business networking, and more. In our pandemic environment, the calendar also gives you the option to filter through virtual events.

  • Check out the tourism website
After you’ve checked out the city website, you can now take advantage of the tourism website that El Paso runs. Whether you really are a tourist or are ready to settle in as a permanent community member, you’ll be familiar with all the amenities and fun local activities that El Paso offers once you finish reviewing the site. For instance, you can read up on the El Paso Visitors Guide and even download the Visit El Paso App. The site also provides all the places that you can explore the surrounding mountains and trails. You can’t also forget about enjoying the iconic Tex-Mex cuisine as well! The tourism website will let you know the most popular places to eat at where you can enjoy the most authentic and tasty food. For an overall outlook on every local activity or experience that’s offered, enjoy reading the blog.

  • Become an ambassador
One of the best ways to become integrated into the El Paso community is to put in the effort to learn about it. Rather than spending your days inside your new house, however comfortable it may be, becoming  a part of the community requires you to get out there and try as many new things as possible. Declaring yourself an El Paso ambassador is one of the ways that you can explore the Sun City, share your passion for it, and even win some prizes along the way! It’ll help you quickly learn about the greatest things to see and do in the city.

  • Join local organizations
Remember how easy it was to make friends and be welcomed into a community when you explored your passions? That same scenario can be applied on the city level! If you loved theatre or sports when you were in college, try to seek out those local organizations in El Paso and keep up with their local activities. It’ll make for great conversation and help you rekindle your love for those passions. In no time, they’ll be part of your lifestyle as a new community member in El Paso.

  • Join a class
There’s nothing as exciting as learning a new skill in a class. For one, you’ll be able to enter the class on the same level as everyone else, no matter how long they’ve lived in El Paso! As another bonus, you’ll be able to make new friends and take a new piece of knowledge away with you when you leave the classroom. Whether you like working out or crafting pottery, try to seek out those classes the next time you do research on local community activities in El Paso.

  • Keep up with social media
To chat it up with community members directly, take a moment to follow all of the social media networks and groups that El Paso has! Just enter ‘El Paso’ into Instagram or Facebook and see what offerings out there interest you. As soon as you join a group, read up on all the local activities or start introducing yourself! In no time, you’ll be welcomed as a new resident and find loads of opportunities to make new friends.

  • Get out there
At the end of the day, with so much to do in El Paso, there’s nothing that should stop you from getting out there and experiencing it all! Whether you have a craving for some new cuisine or want to explore El Paso’s history at one of its many museums, it’s up to you to pull that initiative up and build up that courage to try new things.

Final Thoughts
Here at Brian Burds, we truly believe in the power of community and what finding a sense of belonging can bring for you. As you make yourself at home within your new house and in the El Paso community, we extend a big welcome to you! 


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