December 29, 2020 at 2:30pm | BBHST Admin
By Kyle Spearin

With time, even the most beautiful bathroom can feel boring. If you have been eyeing your bathroom lately and finding it lacking compared to the beautiful masterpieces that constantly fill your social media feeds, you aren’t alone.

The good news is that you can make yourself the bathroom of your dreams, and you can even pull it off on a budget. This will help increase the value of your home during an appraisal and of course, make your living situation more aesthetically pleasing. 

Your dream bathroom might be more affordable than you think, which is why we wanted to pull together a quick list of easy ways to make your bathroom feel brand new.

Invest In Some New Paint

Repainting your bathroom can have an incredible effect on the overall appearance of your bathroom and it is surprisingly cheap. The average bathroom requires a fairly small amount of paint to spruce it up, and it is a task that you can completely carry out by yourself. 

The key to a successful repainting is to focus on finding the right color scheme. If you are looking to simply dress your bathroom up a little and keep the price low, you can choose a new color that already works with your existing decorations. A quick but effective method is to brighten up the room a shade or two. However, you can always invest in a fun and entirely new color scheme and purchase a few new towels or rugs along the way to match.

Change Up The Flooring

Flooring is a surprisingly easy and affordable upgrade, and you will not believe how big of a change it can make. If you are looking for a way to instantly glow up your bathroom, flooring is a great place to start. A lot of us don’t even realize just how dingy the flooring has gotten until we put in something new. Fortunately, this manageable upgrade can be exceptionally cost-effective.

Since bathrooms are small, they require a small amount of flooring, which allows you to stretch a small budget a long way. Consider investing in a new kind of tile, or even in some of the cheaper vinyl flooring options to breathe life into your bathroom. This is a great opportunity to completely invest in a new color scheme and can give you a chance to choose floors that match your style. If you really want to save on this change, consider installing the flooring yourself. It is easier than you might think!

Swap Out Light Fixtures

Lights can completely define the tone of a room and the bathroom is no exception. In fact, investing in new lights can really brighten up your bathroom space. Are you constantly looking in the mirror wondering if you really look like that? Poor lighting might be to blame! 

Changing the light fixtures allows you to change the style of your bathroom, but it also gives you a chance to invest in more lighting. Adding brightness to your bathroom can make it look brand new and it can do a lot for your getting ready process in the morning. Look for fun and stylish light fixtures that support brighter bulbs and fill the room with light. It’s great for waking up when you are getting ready to take on the day.

Try Vintage Designs

Sometimes in order to make a bathroom look new, you have to invest in something old. Vintage shopping is a great way to dress up any room on a reasonable budget. Consider poking around some antique sales or refurbishing old vintage items from the family to give your bathroom an incredible signature look. This change can go a long way in making your bathroom look like it was designed for you rather than simply pulled together.

To embrace a nice vintage design, you will want to find the right vintage items. Consider pulling in some aged light fixtures or investing in vintage mirror options. Adding an old mirror can make your bathroom look incredibly classy and will absolutely impress your guests with its aged style. To make this change easier, you can always invest in cheap basic items and dress them up in vintage styles with DIY techniques. 

Add New Storage

Cabinets are a serious pain point when it comes to bathroom design. In most cases, the average home will have only a few options that are pre-built. For this reason alone, investing in a new set of cabinets can take your bathroom from drab to fab with a single purchase. Despite the lack of cabinets in most bathrooms, investing in new storage options is surprisingly easy and can be done without cluttering your space.

A popular way to add more storage to a bathroom in a classy way is to invest in cabinetry that goes over the toilet. These adorable storage options generally stand on legs and fit in any bathroom without taking up any useful space. Beyond this, you can invest in a standing shower rack, or consider adding wall-mounted cabinets throughout the bathroom to make storing your bathroom products easy. This can really go a long way, particularly in a guest bathroom. Use this opportunity to provide your guests with everything that they need to feel at home whenever they visit!

Final Thoughts

A home bathroom can really influence the way that we and our guests interact with our home. If you are looking to renovate but aren’t quite sure where to start, consider using some of these steps to bring your bathroom into the future. 

Remember, when changing up a bathroom, you want to keep a design vibrant and inviting. Create a glowing space that will encourage you to get up and get ready first thing in the morning. When in doubt, brighter lights and more mirrors can turn any bathroom into a work of art, so start shopping and find what color you want your new bathroom to be!



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