December 15, 2017 | Brian Burds
So if we are being honest the answer to this question is probably not but that does not mean we can't still put t a home under contact for 2017. The El Paso Home Market is still in Holiday mode which means that offers are a little quiet. This can mean that homes can go under contract for lower prices then normal if you have the right negotiator.
El Paso Home for Christmas My Real Estate Professionals can step up the game when it comes to Real Estate Negotiations in El Paso . We know the market with over 25 million in Sales this year we see how the market moves daily. We have 4 active buyers agents so my team also gets a pulse of the market and knows their inventory. We can show faster, close faster, and save you more money.
To take advantage where others are just trying to get out of dodge can have its benefits so my suggestiosn is use teh holiday season to make the most of buying a home in El Paso. And when you decided to make that move call The Brian Burds home Selling Team.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas,



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